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Classic geisha balls GK-40--ST-S

The chain and decorative balls are made of 100% 925 sterling silver. Both hollow balls (40 mm diameter) are made from implant-grade stainless steel (material number 1.4571).

The classic geisha balls consist of two hollow balls within each of which a steel ball rotates. The large balls have a diameter of 40mm/42mm/45mm/50mm and are connected to each other by a silver chain. The small, solid silver ball can be exchanged on request. The geisha balls are worn intravaginally and are suitable for training the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. They may be experienced as auto-erotically pleasing, but are also eminently suitable as a sex toy for couples. They are not merely beautiful to look at, especially when the wearer exposes the silver chain between her thighs as she moves. This is pure sensuality, and both the wearer and the viewer will be equally seduced. Further information about geisha balls is available on our internet page: www.geishakugeln.de